Contact Jairo Borja Jr. to speak to your team about Leading Change, Shared Vision, Empowerment, Forward Thinking which is all part of Leadership.

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Problems with your organization? Need an expert in business strategy? Need an objective and fresh perspective? Need to teach staff to stay ahead of competition? Need to influence members of your organization? Hire Jairo Borja Jr. as a consultant today.

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Read some of Jairo's work from the past few years:

Takeaways from ASIS Anaheim 2015

Takeaways from ASIS Anaheim

Majoring in Criminal Justice can lead to...

Majoring in Criminal Justice Studies Can Lead To ….  By Jairo Borja

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Message from Jairo Borja Jr.

Jairo Borja Jr. has inspired and built leaders for years. Contact Jairo Borja Jr. to speak at your next speaking event. Jairo can inspire your team or department, honest, empowers them, would give them an ability to lead change and have a shared vision. In addition, please contact Jairo for your consulting needs.

What makes Jairo Borja Jr. unique? Jairo has spent years in Education and in Marketing. Experience working with distributors, manufacturers and working in a Business Development capacity for over six years.

Jairo is familiar with models such as SWOT Analysis, PEST Analysis, BCG Growth-Share Matrix, 4 Ps of Marketing, Marketing Segmentation, Marketing Mix, Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, Theory X and Theory Y, 5 Factor Model of Personality Model to name a few.

Jairo has lead a successful business development team since 2013.

Hire Jairo to identify your problems in your organization and determine what needs to be done resolve the issue. His objective and fresh perspective will assist in identifying and finding resolutions to your problems.

Jairo has won Star Network's Star Under 40 Award in 2017, ASIS International Award for Outstanding Work in 2016, Star Network's Latino Stars Award in 2014, Honorable Mention Award at his institution for Adaptability in 2013, Business Developer of the Year for 2012.


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